Stopping by the Chiang Mai zoo in Thailand

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Stopping by the Chiang Mai Zoo in Thailand will be delightful to say the least. This is one of the best zoos that hosts 400 animals species that are impressive. Among them are some of the rarest animals that you will ever seen anywhere. The zoo also hosts an aquarium and in total it sits on a 200 acre piece of land and is located just north of Chiang Mai University. In Northern Thailand, this is the first commercial zoo and was opened in 1977 under this public status.

The animals you will see

As highlighted earlier, you have a large variety of animals to see. Koalas are some of the favorite animals that people love to see here. Cape fur seals are other excellent animals that will leave many amazed. This zoo also hosts the only rhino left in Thailand. The endangered species are well taken care of so that more and more people can get to view them for themselves. Other animals to view here are hippos, giraffes, flamingos, zebras, ostriches, lions, tigers, Barbary sheep, penguins, and a host of reptiles that come in different shapes and forms.

You will be delighted to know that this zoo is home to two large elephants. In addition, there are three giant pandas. The history of the pandas is an exciting one and they were acquired from China on a 10 year loan. The panda offspring was taken back to China after 2 years in accordance to the sale agreement. The majestic animals are cuddly and all people will be happy to view this rare species. In the zoo, there are two large aquariums that are some of the largest in all of Asia. There is an aquatic tunnel with the length of 133 meters. This is the world’s longest tunnel aquarium.

Getting around the zoo is easy and convenient thanks to the monorail and trams that run through the zoo. The Chiang Mai Zoo Monorail takes visitors around and will connect them to four main stations. The trams are comfortable because they are air conditioned. At a time, they can transport 50 to 70 passengers accordingly. The trams will take visitors around the zoo. Those who want to use this form of transport will pay for the fee charged. The zoo provides an excellent landscape for people who want to hike. It is a combination of beautiful panorama in an animal kingdom.

People can opt to travel through the zoo in a car or taxi. It is a great experience for the whole family and children will particularly be happy with the experience. It is advisable to start your day early at the zoo so that by the time the afternoon heat is rife, you will not be as tired. It is a great experience for nature lovers and more so animal lovers. The animals are kept in their enclosures and in this regard, there is no reason to worry about safety. Stopping at the Chiang Mai Zoo will definitely introduce you to great species of animals that you have never seen before. It is time well spent.

What to expect from staying at the Koh Ra Eco lodge in Thailand

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Thailand is an amazing location to travel to. This South East Asian country is characterized by an exotic, friendly and fun environment. If you are an environment fanatic and looking to spend your vacation at an eco-friendly atmosphere then look no further than the Koh Ra Eco lodge in Phang Nga Province. Feel the comfort of the top notch facilities and enjoy the numerous activities offered at the eco lodge.

Activities to partake of at the Koh Ra eco lodge in Thailand

Bird watching

Birding is a great activity especially for bird lovers. Koh Ra Eco lodge offers numerous bird species, some you cannot find anywhere else. Imagine getting to watch and interact with over 100 different species of birds. Hornbills are the most abundant species while other birds include serpent eagles, owls and many more. If you want a calm and fulfilling way to watch these birds then go hiking and kayaking.


At Koh Ra Eco Lodge it’s all about nature and you can explore it as far as under the water. If you love swimming under water with a snorkel, this Eco Lodge will not limit you in any way. It even gets better if you are an underwater photographer looking to explore more. Even more, the management can arrange for snorkeling trips to nearby islands such as Sirin, Similan and Laem son.


You can rent kayaks and go kayaking the entire day or half the day. You can paddle through the mangrove water forest all the way to the bird lagoon. As mentioned earlier, kayaking will give you a great opportunity to watch more bird species.

Village tours 

If you are not a native of Thailand then this activity will offer you an opportunity to learn about the traditional lifestyle of the locals. Most of these villages are just a few distance from the eco lodge. For instance, you can visit the local Moken village and learn farming, fishing, craft making, and nipa palm weaving. On the other hand a visit to the coastal fishing villages will equip you with skills in sweet making, handmade soap making, and mangrove restoration. It is even more fun when you get to stay at the homes in Baan Talay Nok village.

Other things to expect at the Koh Ra Eco lodge

Good food 

There is nothing as memorable as the great food offered at the eco lodge. You can dine and wine, all fresh and healthy. The menu features elegant and stylish Thailand traditional cuisine as well as western vegetarian dishes. You can always let the management know of the food you would want to eat as soon as you arrive at the eco lodge.

Education: get to learn all you can

Yoga retreats and classes

Koh Ra Eco lodge has resident yoga teachers and gives room to visiting teachers as well. So if you have always wanted to explore yoga then it is the right place to be. It is open to all whether you are a yoga beginner or is experienced. The yoga retreats and workshops give you an opportunity to exercise as well as relax.


The Koh Ra eco lodge has it all and it is surely a must visit place when you go to Thailand. Our environment has become our priority since it basically supports our life and health. You will not only have fun but also learn more about nature, ecology and how to basically make the environment sustainable.

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The Top Tourist Attraction In BKK

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There is no doubt that when it comes to experiencing the best of holidays, Thailand in general and Bangkok on particular is a place that holds out lot of promise, excitement and interest. There are a number of places of interest including the best of beaches, nightlife, temples, zoo safari and amongst the best things to do in Bangkok is the famous Escape Hunt. In this article we will have a closer look at the main reasons why it makes sense to go in for Escape Hunt and why it is gaining in popularity with each passing day.

What Exactly Is Escape Hunt

For those who do not have the right knowledge and information about The Escape Hunt, the next few lines would be extremely interesting. It is without any doubt one of the topmost fun activity as far as the city of Bangkok is concerned. Ever since it was thrown open to public in July 2013, it has become extremely addictive, challenging, exciting, educative and also knowledge enhancing to all sections of society. It has been well received by people across all age and gender groups and this certainly is something that has made it very unique.

What It Offers

It offers lot of fun and enjoyment and it takes the customers to some 100 years down memory lane or 50 years in many cases. It gives a chance to the participants to don the hat of detectives and solve some very difficult and intriguing mysteries. The most interesting part is that all these are set against the backdrop of an old and ancient house in Bangkok. It should however be borne in mind that there is a big demand for this gaming activity and customers would do better to book online well in advance so that they are not disappointed when they try to be a part of this fun filled activity.

It Cuts Across All Sections Of Society

As mentioned above, there is no denying the fact that this activity cuts across all age groups, genders and other such classes of human society. Whether it is a group of college mates trying to freak out in Bangkok or tourists and travelers willing to cool out after a hard day’s tour of the city, there is no doubt that Escape Hunt certainly is the place to be in. It enables the travelers to choose a team of 2 to 5 people. There are around 6 games to choose from. There are quite a few combinations of indoor and outdoor games making it suitable for people with different taste and energy levels.

Corporate Events and Team building Activities Are Also Available

It would also be pertinent to mention here that many corporate houses also flock to these Escape Hunt games. This is done with the main objective of corporate team building activities in Bangkok and such exercises have been proven to bring in a sense of togetherness and camaraderie amongst various members of a corporate team. They are very proven and time tested psychological methods which make these games very good for employees and employers.

Hence at the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that Escape Hunt is not just about escaping from boredom and drudgery but much more is associated with it.

Karen Hill Tribe Lodge: The Hidden Paradise In Galyani

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In the last decade, I have visited Thailand 5 times but my recent visit made me want to come again for the sixth time. This is because none of my previous visits has been as exciting as the last one. Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and there is always something new to see every time you visit Thailand.

On my last visit, I decided to Galyani Vadhana since have never been to that part of this beautiful country before. Hidden in the scenic mountains in Galyani Vadhana is the three-star accommodation Karen Hill Tribe Lodge. Getting there is quite challenging as it is a few hours’ drive from Chang Mai airport but it is worth all the effort.

The only way to get to this amazing lodge is by road, and you should also make sure to arrange for a suitable vehicle that will be able to withstand the journey. A driver that knows the route well will also be a great advantage. However, if you make plans with the hotel in advance, they will be able to arrange everything for you.

On arrival, you can choose to ride to the lodge on an elephant, and there will be attendants waiting to take your luggage to your room. However, if you are not confident enough to ride on an elephant, you can always choose to walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The lodge itself brings two different things together to get its theme. The architectural design of the hotel maintains a rather traditional look, but the hotel is well fitted with all the modern amenities befitting a three-star hotel. Besides from its design the environment around the lodge is breathtaking as it is made up of an almost untouched natural environment,

Things to do when in Karen Hill Tribe Lodge

  • 4×4 Mountain trip

Any trip to Galyani Vadhana wouldn’t be complete without taking a tour of the beautiful mountains here and what better way to do this than in a 4X4. ON my second day of stay at the Karen Hill Tribe Lodge, I scheduled for the mountain tour, and I must say it was a perfect way to start my stay. This tour takes you through the mountains where you get to see different vegetation life and a lot of animals. What I liked most about this trip is the number of bird species I was able to see.

  • Elephant trek

If you were afraid to ride on the elephant when you first arrived at the lodge, or you simply enjoyed it a lot, then you should go for the elephant trek. You will be amazed at just how gentle these giants are, and this trek will give you the opportunity to take amazing photos.

  • Thai cooking

Karen Hill Tribe Lodge also has a cooking activity for visitors where you will be provided with ingredients and directions to cook different Thai delicacies. You can use this opportunity to learn a few new recipes to try once you get back home.

If you are looking for a place to clear your thought or to get new inspiration, then you should visit Karen Hill Tribe Lodge in Galyani Vadhana Thailand. The peace and tranquility that you find here will leave you a better person.