July 13, 2020

Debt settlement – Collection Agencies Know the Facts

Do you find yourself maxed out with bank cards and monthly expenses? Americans are in debt now more than ever, today with all the increase in foreclosures and inflation seems to be on the rise, it seems impossible to get ahead. The more you get in debt the greater opportunity you will get that call all of us do not want to get from the Collection Agency informing us that we are very late upon making our payment and they would like their money now.

It is important to understand that Collection Agencies are there for one purpose, “Collect Cash. ” These agencies are paid based on how much they can get from you, remember they are not your friend and they are not looking out for your best interest. In case you get a call on a debt which you think is not yours you need to call the reporting bureau to get this corrected, the collection agency will never help you with that and frankly they do not treatment as long as they collect money a person.

It is important to understand that these agencies will minimize at nothing to get your money, they will threaten you on the phone, send you threatening letters, even in some intense cases will intimidate you to the idea that they will have you believing that you will be imprisoned if you do not do what they say. These types of tactics of collecting debt are illegal for them to use and you need to be aware of this.
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It is important that when you happen to be trying to get Debt Relief you do not need to go along with whatever they say.

You have rights in the debt settlement and collection world, do not just take what others tell you to be truth. Make sure you do your research and it will save you plenty of sleepless nights.

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