July 26, 2021

The 2012 Shift – Eat Clean

We are on the cusp of a new period of consciousness on the planet. The whole hub-bub about 2012 is about this shift. It’s a transition from masculine to feminine consciousness, meaning those humans (men or women) who resonate with the earth’s unfolding creative, dynamic, careening, ever-changing life force, will be better prepared for a future that holds a tremendous amount of change in the next 50 years.

A major determining aspect on whether you will be one of the clear-minded, flexible, sensitive creatures who trips the universal flow or one of the clamped-down, stuck, recalcitrant, comfort-seekers is…. of course…. THE FOOD YOU EAT.

I have noticed both a decline and a se desenvolvendo of human consciousness in America. (Have you? ) The primetime system TV shows seem to be getting more crass, more violent or vulgar yet… the artists and visionaries plus healers I know are galloping over their life-hurdles at an apparently accelerating rate. The news gets ever-bleaker through around the world, and yet quantum physicists are agreeing with the Dalai Lama. (and Einstein might have too. )

In one single week last month, I had formed four people who didn’t know each other mention to me the healing power of ley lines and vortices. (This is something like fengshui or even acupuncture for the planet– Camden, Maine, where I live, happens to lie in a vortex of energy, much like the ones in Taos, New Mexico, Sedona, Arizona or even Findhorn in Scotland) Apparently people who live in such magical areas are the beneficiaries of some form of world energy that amplifies and vitalizes all growth and development.

I know a group of musicians who moved here expressly for this reason. Almost everyone I talk to–from bankers to massage therapists–seems to know that this really is true here, without knowing why. The vitality, creativity and healing energy are that self-evident.

When you spend time here, you come to marvel in the number of world travelers, artists, healers and metaphysical practitioners who have settled here. You also come to marvel with how you can drive 30 minutes inland and it is not there. An hour south, no. 40 minutes north… nope. You can find edges to this vortex of energy. You are able to tell from the store fronts and the people and the food. It just feels different.

Food is dangerously lousy everywhere you go in America (and now in lots of other countries too. ) Devitalized, processed food is available to everyone right here and in many places in the country, body fat alternative.

People are raised on extremely nutrient-deficient food and they never actually see someone who eats a different kind of food.

Certainly that happens here too. But there’s a choice of food tradition here.
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Many of my friends haven’t possessed televisions for years. (A regular TELEVISION habit is a very solid predictor for eating processed food. ) Just about everyone I know cooks their own food usually. A fair few friends shop regularly at Farmer’s Markets and organic food stores. This culture respects farmers.

Artists and healers are usually particularly sensitive human beings, by nature.

Reality: If you eat processed food, a person injure your sensitivity. You close it down.

It follows, after that, that to truly be prepared for the change that is happening around us, we must eat clean food. We must get right with ourselves and connect to our environment. We must support our farmers and acknowledge their crucial role in delivering to us the vital life force of the planet, so that we can participate in the earth’s evolution.

“Eat wisely — plenty of food is corrupt in either refined or gross ways. Pay attention to that which you are taking into your body. Learn to protect food, and to conserve energy. inches –Carlos Barrios, Mayan elder

Where ever you live, you are an expression of the globe’s energy. A dynamic conductor associated with life force. Or not. Kinda depends upon how many Hot Pockets you have in a week. (wink)

Taking steps (even baby steps) towards clearing out your pantry and your life of “black hole” food (that which sucks your energy into an abyss) is usually taking steps towards a new potential future where your life and your body are usually part of the solution that the planet conjures up for itself. Wouldn’t that become nice? To be a dynamic conductor from the solution? The healing of the planet and everything her inhabitants?

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