November 28, 2020

Guerrilla Marketing Methods – Word of Mouth

Referral marketing is arguably the most powerful and effective technique out there. Unfortunately, it is also the most evasive and difficult to control. This marketing method relies more on your customers than on your efforts, and can usually be traced to the quality of your product or service.

To place it another way: word of mouth marketing happens when an item or service “sells itself. ”

Get them talking!

What is it?

People love to talk. Word of mouth marketing, basically, is giving them something to talk about: your business. It is creating a “buzz” about your product or service, and letting your customers do the marketing work for you by telling friends, loved ones, and sometimes even complete strangers if these kinds of are excited enough.

Word of mouth marketing is powerful, because it is genuine. You can’t fake this phenomenon. When people believe what you have got is worth mentioning to others, they will be enthusiastic — and that passion helps to generate even more business for you personally in the form of new customers and wider marketplace recognition.

There are many different forms word of mouth marketing may take. Just a few of them are:

Viral marketing: Making and distributing a high-impact information that it easy to pass along to others-often through e-mail (viral marketing will be discussed further in Chapter 5).
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Community marketing: Joining or developing a shared-interest community whose members are likely to enjoy your product or service. Remember that with community marketing, it is important to place the good of the community first, plus marketing efforts last. Marketing will evolve naturally through participation.

Hype marketing: Creating an air of excitement or mystery around your business, usually through news, entertainment, or underground campaigns.

Grassroots marketing: Choosing groups of volunteers to spread your own message on a personal or nearby level.

Cause marketing: Dedicating a part of your business to a social cause, which earns respect and support from others dedicated to the same cause.

Transformation creation: Catch phrases, promotions, start parties, and other memorable tools or events designed to spread through person to person.

Product seeding: Identifying influential or key individuals and getting your product or information into the right fingers at the right time.

How do you get it done?

As previously stated, even though word of mouth marketing is effective, it’s hard to pull off. If you try to fake a buzz for your business, consumers will smell a bad deal and your efforts will backfire.

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