December 3, 2021

The Unconscious Bliss of Divine Sexual Love

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Immeasurable Adore in Action

If I love you, We are totally unconscious of you. You may not exist to me nor does what you do affect me in any way. I am neither moved by your actions, thoughts, inclinations, desires or words. I have simply no thought in the direction of benefit coming from you for me. Nor is there ever a passing thought of harm to befall me because of you. I neither was disturbed by detrimental occasions that could arise between us. You are absolutely incapable of disappointing, betraying, abandoning, lying down or rejecting me for my love does not recognize any level of difference or blatantly blithe imperfection. Neither does I exalt, elevate or revere, or appreciate (depend upon) you. How could I, if I are ubiquitously unaware of you?

I am not really fearful of your leaving or ‘growing tired’ of me. I am neither concerned nor bothered by what you think of me. Perfect love cast out all fear. If, however, I say I love you and after that require of you to please, acknowledge, support, advocate, praise, defend, reason, or in any way, need something a person, I lie. I do not like you at all, but a preferred anticipated response from you. It is not possible for you to be my lover regarding when true love exists, the partner is not present.

I am not comforted by you, nor am I dissuaded by your capriciously motivated disinterest or persuaded by your flattering obvious waxing/waning moods of joy or discontent. My love sustains me within your presence and will not be influenced neither cater to the indecisive patterns of cyclic vexation or emotionally self-projected happiness. I adore you because We are free of you and not controlled simply by puppet mimicked ways of cajoled preference. If I prefer one side of your personality more than another, I am futilely superfluous and uproariously vain.

I actually make no distinctions, nor do I distinguish any faults in/on/about/through you. I love you without boundaries, anticipation or restrictions. I do not support, gratify, cater or provide for a person, ever. I do what I do mainly because I want to do it and for no other reason. In my love for you, do I stand in rapture’s repose devoid of the presence of you or your paranoid envious anxiety. I am not conscious of your own identified loyalty, control and/or need to possess. You can not share with me a quark of definitive committed feelings in return for my identification with your need to feel ‘loved. ‘ I am not really moved by you in your deliberate attempts to move me to respond, make me feel guilty or ashamed.

You are not responsible for my devotion, nor should i cherish you because of who, what and why you are. And, definitely not for anything you may perceive as your having done or given to me. I am not obligated to you in any way whatsoever. I owe you absolutely nothing as do you owe me the same. Really like can not be defined nor managed. Our unceasing love is a divine stream of effervescent light which can nor be turned off or on. I really like you with all that my soul is capable of and everything outside of it, as well. I embrace the particular quintessence of your sacred radiance where no corruption abounds. The work sexual intensity of this lighted like gives and receives life continuously without remiss. We are the product of this faultless impeccable love.

I am infused with a love so brilliant, phrases can not define nor actions deter. It envelopes you; erasing you from my earthly eyes of contrary fickle sight. In the overflowing stream of divine sexuality, I am consistently produced unaware of you as the single supply of exuberant pleasure which flows yet liberally acknowledge the omnificent divinity from which passion does unceasingly gush. The stimulating illuminating effervescent really like I embody and embrace lyrically resounds in stereophonic symphonies of bliss. My love for you is with no intention and first in performance. I know not how ‘not’ to enjoy you!

My innate forces of delighted concentration are centered upon this undaunted sensual love. My love is incomparable and serenely brand new in each moment of lifestyle in the experience of you, never reaching the extended heights or descended lows by comparison. I do not wait around upon you, nor you me but in the ever evasive spiraling instant of ecstatic pleasure should i know you. By not cleaving to the moment, I am washed thoroughly clean of the memory of yearning for you personally which would only interfere with love’s consecrated innocence.

How does one define ineffable love’s erotic bliss? (Without phrases. ) Love would be destroyed in the flash of an instant if I would be to remember you or seek any attachment thereof. Now is the only time of flawlessness of love’s united beauty and grace. I can not possibly come with an idea of you without it impeding the love I have for you. I have to forget every notion I’ve ever devised about you in order to satisfy you for the first time. And, in order for me personally to continuously meet you over and over and again, I must remain unconscious of you so that you may be obviously unequivocally revealed. True love, practiced forever is sublimely dominantly pulsatingly invigoratingly rejuvenating. OH! How I love thee If you’re ready to read more information regarding again beauy review our internet site.

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