April 11, 2021

Purchasing a Power Inverter – What You Need to Understand to Get the Right Inverter

It might be tempting to buy a cheap power inverter, and on the face of it well it might even seem like I good idea, but if you are not careful it can quite often turn out costing you more. Instead of studying the hard way here are a few things to consider which could save you money, time and also a whole lot of hassle, and a few points to consider which will help you make the right power inverter choice.

First and foremost do you really require a power inverter? If you are just interested in running your laptop from your car when you are out and about and don’t have access to a strength point for example , then you are probably better off just getting a car laptop power supply as not only are these specifically designed for what you are wanting to do but also saves you having to worry about making sure you pick the right inverter for the job. On top of that they are usually around the same price like a good quality inverter so if that is whatever you are going to use it for then maybe have a look at what is available for your laptops make and model.
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Ok, now that we have that out the way we are going to assume that an electrical inverter is what you want/need and thus we are going to cover the main things you have to think about before clicking the purchase button on a cheap and dirty power inverter. Before I proceed any further I just want to point out that when I say cheap I am talking about build quality, not necessarily price. While it is true you usually get what you pay for there are some very good quality power inverters out there without the hefty price tag if you do a little shopping around.

The main choice you will have to make can be how high a quality power source you will need. There are two types of inverters: modified sine wave and true sine wave power inverters. Each inverter type has their pros and cons and exactly what you end up choosing will come down to price and the type of equipment you want to power.

You can pick up a cheap modified influx power inverter which will create a pretty choppy AC power source to get a lot less than the cost of a true sine wave inverter that will replicate your own homes power supply almost perfectly so it is worth having a quick think about what you need to run from it as for some appliances a cheap modified wave power inverter will do the job just fine, and save you having to fork out the extra bucks.

With that in mind you will want to run a lot of electrical products from a high quality power source therefore a true sine wave power inverter is really your only option for these devices as otherwise chances are you will certainly run into problems one way or another at some point down the track and you might even cause several serious and even irreversible damage to extremely sensitive equipment so it is worth making sure you pick the right inverter for the work.

For those on a budget a modified inverter is fine for most household appliances like fans, lights etc but not actually recommended for more sensitive equipment. You can probably get away with running a wide range of devices from a cheap power inverter and if they are not that expensive then maybe you think it is worth the risk but bear in mind you might end up damaging or reducing the life of that equipment, and could finish up costing you more than what it would have cost you to buy a pure sine wave power inverter in the first place.

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